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Published in 1897 Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” continues to be an endless source of inspiration. When Stoker chose Whitby for the arrival point of his infamous Count he created an enduring connection that plays a significant role in the town’s tourist trade today. We carry a vast selection of images taken throughout Whitby and we supply the highest quality pictures, photos and canvas prints.

Dracula’s Graveyard and Illuminated Whitby Abbey

The production of our mounted photos, pictures and canvases is facilitated by the use of up to date printing technology and a diligent and proficient process. Whitby became the setting for part of a legendary Gothic tale and through dedicated photography and state of the art printing techniques we can supply the perfect photo and canvas print for lovers of Whitby and “Dracula” alike. When printing, we ensure all pictures, canvas prints, photos and canvases are produced to the highest standards possible, ensuring they can be endlessly treasured, wherever they hang.

Church St And The 199 Steps

Bram Stoker & Whitby

The connection to Whitby originated when the author spent a week there in 1890. Legend states that Stoker became overwhelmed by the town’s haunting ruins and atmosphere whilst staying at West Cliff. Stoker’s notes contain a reference to a history book he discovered in Whitby library on August 8th that recollected the tales of the 15th century Prince Vlad Tepes, who was famous for impaling his victims on stakes. The book noted that he was known as Dracula which translated as “devil”.

Spooky Moonrise At Whitby

Stoker used his time in Whitby to explore and research. He discovered the many sprawling landscapes, the windswept headlands, the dramatic ruins of the abbey and the swooping bats surrounding the church. These striking images would of course, go on to provide the ideal backdrop for his vampiric masterpiece. Our gallery contains a large selection of images taken in Whitby at different times and each photo highlights the sublime beauty that permeates much of the novel. You can choose from canvases, photos, single canvas prints and mounted pictures and we assure all customers our images are subjected to thorough printing processes in order to produce the finest possible photo and canvas print selection.


Dracula & Whitby

There are many other events, landmarks and notable surroundings that influenced or became elements of the novel. The picturesque harbour, unsuspecting tourists, ill-fated seafarers and the headstones in the church that inspired the name of Dracula’s first victim. The shipwreck of the Dmitry, the Russian vessel transporting boxes of silver sand is echoed when the ship carrying the Count’s coffin is finally run aground below East Cliff as it arrives in Whitby on August 8th, the date that Stoker discovered the name Dracula in the library.

Lamp On The 199 Steps Black And White

A large dog is then seen bounding from the ship and ascending The 199 steps. It is unsurprising that Whitby holds such a special place in the hearts of the book’s fans. Stoker’s use of the location ensured it would be eternally identified with Count Dracula and his arrival on English shores.

Storm On Whitby Beach

Canvas Prints & Photos

As dedicated landscape photographers we specialise in superlative printing and services. If you are looking for a photo or canvas print of Whitby we can offer you a stunning collection. Our gallery includes canvases of the incandescent Illuminated Abbey, the gloriously enigmatic Whitby Abbey Sunset and the Whitby Abbey Summer Sunset from the 199 Steps. These are just a few of the many canvas prints and photos available that reflect Whitby in all it’s Gothic glory. We share a deep affection for the town and its famous literary connection and we ensure each photo and canvas print in our collection truly reflects the evocative and powerful atmosphere that inspired Bram Stoker so deeply.

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