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Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping

As one of North Yorkshire’s most recognisable landmarks, Roseberry Topping has served as an icon for the North York Moors as well as an inspiration for landscape photography, and the reason for this is very simple; it offers the viewer a unique view in all directions of some truly stunning English countryside.

Roseberry Topping Middlesbrough

Standing at over 1000 feet above sea level, the peak of Roseberry Topping is the place to be if you want panoramic views in all directions; alternatively, the hill itself forms an imposing subject for a print, photo or canvas. We have tried to represent this in our gallery, which is a selection of images that we have taken that we feel shows this magnificent landmark in its best light.

Roseberry Topping Morning Bluebells

Iconic Local Landmark

Little Roseberry And Roseberry Topping

The hill itself actually has quite unique geology that has been instrumental in its formation, containing a layer of solid sandstone rock on top of layers of soft shales and clays. Ultimately, however, it was through a combination of geological fault lines and mining that created Roseberry Topping’s distinctive shape, which has often been likened to the Matterhorn. 

Sunrise Over Roseberry Topping And The Bluebells

We also took the time to cross the Moors and have a look at Captain Cook’s Monument, which stands nearby. Built in 1827 to remember North Yorkshire’s most famous explorer, this imposing structure looks over the land that Cook himself once traversed as a child.

Captain Cook’s Monument In The North Yorkshire Moors

Roseberry Topping in Canvas, Print or Picture

We aim to inspire with our photography, producing images that we feel reflects our passion and enthusiasm for the North York Moors. Here, unlike almost anywhere else in England, you can see a vast wilderness, stunning landscapes and beautiful vistas, and our Roseberry Topping pictures are one of the best expressions of that natural beauty. 

Bluebells At Roseberry Topping

All of our images of Roseberry Topping and others that we produce are available in both print and canvas format, and this includes:

  • Fine Art Canvas Print
  • Framed Printed
  • Mounted Photos
  • Print Only
  • Box Print
  • Framed Floating Canvas
  • Floating Foam Board Print


Each image is carefully mastered to achieve the desired visual impact, and at The North Yorkshire Gallery in Whitby we pride ourselves on producing quality images based on the latest technology and equipment available anywhere in the photography industry.

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