As one of North Yorkshire’s most recognisable landmarks, Roseberry Topping has long served as an icon for the North York Moors. The hill has been a favourite of locals and visitors for centuries and regularly attracts people of all ages. Famous for its surrounding scenic nature, invigorating climb and staggering views of stunning English countryside, Roseberry Topping makes for a truly inspiring place to visit. As well as a much-loved landmark, it also serves as a magnificent feature of landscape photography. Cutting an imposing figure on the skyline it is the ideal image for a professionally produced print, photo or canvas. Our extensive gallery consists of a varied selection of images we feel reflect this legendary landmark in its best light.

Standing at 1050 feet, the peak of Roseberry Topping provides panoramic views in all directions. The patchwork of Cleveland’s fields and villages can be seen to the west with the north presenting the industrial heartland of Teesside. Aireyholme Farm, the boyhood home of Captain James Cook can be seen to the south with the monument erected in his honour located closer to the edge of the North York Moors. The climb itself is quite short and after a successful ascent you can enjoy a walk through the breathtaking Newton Woods. This lovely area is a haven for wildlife with the spring and summer months being the best times to spot a variety of birds and hear their song. As spring draws to a close the ground becomes illuminated with colour as it is covered by a beautiful blanket of bluebells.

Iconic Local Landmark

The hill itself is an undoubtedly fascinating place to explore for both its geological and human history. It consists of layers of shales and clays that are protected by sandstone from the Middle and Lower Jurassic periods. Its appearance was altered in 1912 when a geological and possible mining accident caused the summit to collapse, resulting in the unmistakeable shape we know today. The distinctive shape has led to many comparisons with the majestic Swiss mountain alp the Matterhorn and is often affectionately referred to as “The Yorkshire Matterhorn”.

Across the moors, from the peak of Roseberry Topping is Captain Cook’s Monument. Built in 1827 to pay tribute to North Yorkshire’s most famous explorer, this imposing structure looks over the land that Cook himself once traversed as a child. From the curving hills of Cleveland to the deep North Yorkshire moors there are many panoramic views to be enjoyed from this historical site.

Roseberry Topping in Canvas, Print or Picture

We aim to inspire with our photography at all times and we are dedicated to producing images that reflect our genuine passion and enthusiasm for the North York Moors. Offering a combination of vast wilderness, stunning landscapes and beautiful vistas we deliver the highest quality prints that truly do justice to such a unique location and its many varied landscapes. Our images of Roseberry Topping are carefully taken and produced to accurately reflect the natural and astounding beauty of an area unlike almost any other in the country.

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Each and every image is carefully mastered to achieve the desired visual impact and is guaranteed to be a talking point in any home or commercial property. At the North Yorkshire Gallery we fully pride ourselves on committed and focused work and the production of quality images. We utilise nothing less than the very latest technology and equipment available and we maintain the highest possible industry standards. Please feel free to take a look through our collection and contact us with any questions. Our friendly team will be happy to help with all enquiries.