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Captain Cook

Captain Cook

Born in Marton, North Yorkshire, Captain James Cook remains a legendary son of God’s Own County. At the age of 8, Cook’s family moved to Aireyholme Farm in Great Ayton where the future seafaring legend attended the local school for five years. When Cook was 20 he moved to the fishing village of Staithes where it is assumed he discovered his love for the sea. Shortly after, he relocated to Whitby where he was introduced to prominent local ship-owners who employed him as a merchant navy apprentice. This was of course, where his journey began and Cook threw himself into acquiring all the skills he would need to eventually, command his own ship. Captain Cook is closely affiliated with a host of places throughout North Yorkshire and our extensive gallery offers many canvas prints, framed prints, pictures and photos of these iconic locations.

Sunrise Over Captain Cooks Staithes

Aireyholme Farm in Photo or Canvas Print Format

1736 saw Cook’s family move to Aireyholme Farm near Roseberry Topping where his father’s employer financed his education. As the childhood home of the naval legend, the location of the farm is of great interest to tourists and historians. Our selection of images and pictures contains a beautiful offering of a winter’s morning at Aireyholme Farm. Available in a range of sizes, in canvas print or photo format and created with quality printing materials, Aireyholme Farm truly captures the beauty and importance of its historically rich setting.

Autumn At Aireyholme Farm Roseberry Topping

Canvas Prints & Photos of Roseberry Topping

Aireyholme Farm was situated very close to another iconic North Yorkshire landmark, Roseberry Topping. It is said that as a child, Cook would often climb the hill as he enjoyed the solitude offered upon reaching the top. Roseberry Topping is a beloved North Yorkshire site and sees climbers and tourists almost every day of the year. The diverse beauty of the location that changes with the seasons is reflected in our photos and canvases and makes the hill an endlessly appealing attraction which is only enhanced by its timeless and indelible connection with Captain Cook. Our vast and varied gallery offers many images of Roseberry Topping throughout the year. Each sensational shot is available in a choice of sizes and formats including photo and canvas print.

Roseberry Topping To Captain Cook’s Monument

Captain Cook’s Monument to Roseberry Topping

Situated on Easby Moor on The Cleveland Way is the monument erected in Captain Cook’s honour. Standing at 51ft high it offers panoramic views and a fantastic walk to Roseberry Topping. The monument is a popular tourist attraction and stands proudly on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. We offer canvases and photo formats of Captain Cook’s monument to Roseberry Topping in a range of sizes. Our canvas prints of this unique view beautifully highlight the sunset and purple heather that perfectly illuminate the location.

Captain Cook’s Monument In The North Yorkshire Moors


Professional Printing of Pictures, Photos & Canvas Prints

Captain Cook’s Monument Whitby

With the use of state of the art printing technology and materials we are able to produce all canvases, pictures, photos and images to exceptionally high standards. The creation of a canvas print or photo that authentically translates the magnificence of our awe-inspiring region is executed with care and professionalism. The locations we photograph are steeped in rich and incredible history and all pictures are put through a careful and diligent printing process that ensures every detail is successfully communicated via photos and canvases.

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