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Saltburn Pier


Saltburn Pier holds the curious distinction of being both the first pleasure pier to open and the last to survive on the North East coastline.

Summers Evening At Saltburn

The original structure was commissioned in 1867 and opened to the general public in 1869. The pier attracted some 50,000 visitors in its first six months and remains an ever-popular and truly iconic landmark today. The structure has sustained considerable damage since its construction but a major restoration project in the 1990s saw the pier returned to its former glory. So successful was the project that the pier won the National Society’s Pier of the Year award in 2009 and both the pier and the legendary cliff lift secured top placement in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Heritage Awards.

Saltburn Sunrise

Another Victorian wonder, the cliff lift is the UK’s oldest water balanced funicular lift and its passengers can enjoy spectacular views during the 55 second descent to the pier. With its rich and varied tapestry of historical development, Saltburn truly is a jewel in the crown of North Yorkshire and remains one of the most beloved holiday destinations in the country.

Saltburn Pier Winter Sunset


Our collection of prints and photos are painstakingly produced using the latest Canon PROGRAF 4100 printer. This top of the line technology enables us to consistently produce authentic, high resolution representations of our images of both the town and pier. If you would like more information regarding our creation process, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Stunning Saltburn Sunrise Slim Panoramic

Our images of Saltburn are available in a number of formats including:

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Northern Lights At Saltburn

The North East coastline offers an eclectic mix of iconic cliffs, rolling beaches, industrial heritage and outstanding beauty that stand alongside a truly unique site. Each of our images aims to capture this exceptional location at its best and whether you want to take home a memory of the pier, the sunrise or the sunset from the fields our incredible selection of Saltburn photos and prints is sure to hold the perfect image for you.

Dusk On Saltburn Pier

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