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The Yorkshire Coast

Here at The North Yorkshire Gallery we have an eclectic collection of images taken around the Yorkshire coast. We offer an array of high quality canvas prints, photos and pictures and our printing process is facilitated by the use of the very latest technology.

Moonrise Over Sleepy Staithes

Both our images and printing reflect our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards and providing an unfaltering service. Every photo is taken by Laurie Smithies, a truly dedicated local landscape photographer. Laurie resides in North Yorkshire and spends his time capturing the magnificent beauty of the towns, villages and landmarks located along the Yorkshire coast.

Runswick Bay Alleyways To The Beach

The Yorkshire coast is the epitome of natural artistry and the vivid landscapes serve as endless inspiration for our photos and canvas prints. When printing our images we strive every time to produce canvases and photos that will make a fantastic focal point in any room.

Unbelievable Sandsend Sunrise

When visiting the Yorkshire coast people find themselves lost in the unique and charming character of the many locations. A venture to Robin Hood’s Bay is like taking a trip back in time. From its brooding cliffs to red roofed cottages that once housed the village’s many fishermen it is an enchanting place with extraordinary scenery that has been eternally captured for our collection of canvases and photos.

Daybreak at Robin Hood’s Bay

Saltburn has successfully restored its legendary pier and cliff lift and solidified its place as a favourite UK holiday destination. Although Saltburn welcomes thousands of tourists yearly and has a great deal of entertainment to offer it has also retained the Victorian charm it is so defined by. Our canvas prints and photos are favoured by many that spent their childhood summers building sandcastles on Saltburn’s golden beach.

Huntcliff Sunrise Saltburn

There was a time when Staithes took centre stage as one of the largest North East fishing ports and once again, its classic architecture, winding streets and quirky little cottages take you back to a different place in time. It is the ideal place for a fossil hunt and an exploration of the glorious rock pools and its endless charm is perfectly encapsulated in our canvas print and photo selection.

Staithes Spring Sunrise

Whitby, with its hauntingly beautiful architecture and atmosphere, wonderfully rich history and Gothic connections as well as a wide selection of eateries and shops is one of the most popular locations on the North Yorkshire coast. People travel from afar to taste the UK’s best fish and chips and climb the 199 Steps to the foreboding and breathtaking Abbey. The UK is filled with homes that proudly display a photo or canvas print of Whitby in all its glory.

Lamp On The Steps

These locations and others are gems of the Yorkshire coast and we are proud to supply a varied selection of images that celebrate their coastal beauty and historical importance.

North Landing Flamborough

Whether you need a photo or a canvas print we can meet your requirements. Our pictures are taken with state of the art equipment and our quality printing ensures the finest end results. The pictures we place in our homes and business premises are important. We need to connect on a personal level with a photo or canvas print that graces our private spaces and any photos and canvases we hang in a commercial setting should communicate and impress. All canvases and pictures are testament to our passion for the Yorkshire coast and we make sure that the quality of every photo and all of our canvas prints is never anything less than outstanding.


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